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Pull out drawers crosscut kitchens

Pull-out drawers

There are lots of different ways to make your life just a little bit easier when it comes to bending down or reaching into hard to get to parts of your kitchen, pantry, or laundry.

Pull-out storage comes in all different styles for all different applications. It’s a good way of getting big storage in a small space or just adding a little bit of luxury to your dream kitchen.

Under-Bench Pull-Out

This stylish and versatile unit comes in various widths and attaches directly to your door for quick and easy access into narrow spaces

crosscut kitchens pull out pantry

Pull-Out Pantry

This handy pantry storage solution allows you to view and access your entire pantry at one time! It comes in a range of widths and stops you from losing items at the back of your pantry!

Tea Towel Rail

When there’s not a lot of room, sometimes adding this handy gadget makes an awkward space into a useful storage solution.

It can also be used anywhere that you just want to keep your hand towels out of sight and keep your kitchen looking tidy.

Tea towel rail
Pantry Baskets Crosscut Kitchens

Pantry Baskets

Wire pantry baskets are a great way to get to the back of your pantry down low where it’s hard to reach.

You can fit them into most base cabinets as well, and provides drawer like but breathable storage behind a closed door

Corner solutions

Sometimes when designing your kitchen, you just can’t avoid having dead space in the corners that’s hard to reach.

There are however clever solutions for this common problem. You can see the options for either of the common corner cabinet types in this section

Black maelamine bench top with white melamine covered cabinets
Blind corner storage solution - Crosscut Kitchens

Blind Corner Storage

Blind Corners only allow you to access the space from one side of the cabinet.

This corner solution comes in either left or right sided versions and gives you two separate shelves with ample storage right to the back of the blind corner.

Lazy Susan

The lazy susan is the most used solution to your typical two door corner cabinet.

It allows access to your storage right at the back of the unit as it rotates 270 degrees in either direction.

Talk to the team at Crosscut Kitchens about fitting a lazy Susan in your next kitchen to ensure there’s no wasted space.

Lazy susan storage solution - Crosscut Kitchens
bins and hampers - Crosscut Kitchens

Bins and Hampers

Having a pull out bin integrated into your kitchen has become a standard practice.

It keeps things tidy and keeps any odours closed off from everything else.

Bins and clothes hampers in vanities and laundries have also become increasingly popular and allow for a much tidier look and feel to every room in your home.

Duel Kitchen Bin

With widths now ranging from just 300mm to a massive 600mm bin there’s no reason to not keep yours hidden away with one of these stylish and practical duel bin options.

Duel Kitchen Bin - Crosscut Kitchens
Under sink bin white

Under Sink Bins

This little bin is perfect for when you only have a little bit of space or when you want to have your bin located directly under your kitchen, laundry or even bathroom sink

Laundry Hampers

Whether it’s in the bathroom, laundry or wardrobe, pull out hampers are a great way to tidy up and save time. The baskets are removable and come in either 450mm or 600mm for use in a wide range of designs.

Laundry Hampers - Crosscut Kitchens

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